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Gambler Stats

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Розробник: Dipen Patel
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Gambler Stats - Create Entries and then Track and generate Report on all your gambling activities. Casino, Race Track, Private Home Games, websites, etc... The App will answer the below questions - Want to know which location you are winning the most or losing. Want to know stats on your Poker Cash games vs Poker Tournaments.

In Summery, its an app that lets you enter/record and analyze/report all your gambling history at Casino, Race Track, online or at a friends house.

1 - Update the Gambler Information - your name, image and info.
2 - Add all the locations that you gamble. (Casino, Race Track, Private Home, Website, etc...)​
3 - In each location you specify the Events that can occur - Example - Casino Events (Tournament Games, Table Games, Slot Games & Poker Cash Games) and Private Home Events (Poker Cash Games & Poker Tournaments)​
4 - The App will come with default Event Types for each Event - which you can add, edit and Delete from Settings Tab.
5 - To Create an Entry - 3 requirements - Select Location which will give you Events options for that location - and depending on the Event you selected - options for Event Type. Once that is selected - Enter Date, time, $ & Entry information. ​
6 - Entry can be created and Edited from Gambler, Location, Event and Entry Tabs.
7 - Gambler Tab - View gambling history and generate Reports for all Gamblers history.
8 - Location Tab - View gambling history for a specific location and generate Reports for a specific location.
9 - Event Tab - View gambling history for a specific Event and generate Reports for a specific Event.​
10 - Entry Tab - Sort & Filter all Entries - view, report and edit a specific Entry.